Discovery session

First, our consultants take the time out to understand your business and its needs. This is an informal fact-finding session, and can be conducted online, over the telephone or in person.

For the first part of your automation consultation, we’ll find out about your existing processes, what you’re looking to achieve through automation, and where you’d like to optimise.

Identify automation opportunities

As well as listening to your automation goals, we’ll also use the discovery session to identify additional opportunities suited to your business.

Never Give UP Media is a scalable tool with thousands of actions and combinations. So, it’s likely that we’ll be able to suggest further, unthought areas where automation could save you time and money.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Product demo

We can then give you a custom product demo that focuses on your pain-points and how Never Give Up Media could solve them.

You’ll be able to get an insight into how the product works and how to design the automated workflows that work for you – from an experienced automation technician, not a salesperson.

Create an automation plan

Next, we can work with you to create an automation project plan or statement of work. You’ll have your own company contact as your consultant through this process.

The project plan includes your specific objectives, timeframes and deliverables, and is the final step before implementation.

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