Online Learning Management System Development

What is Online Learning Management System?

An LMS refers to an online learning management system. It is a software that runs on the internet, connecting users/students from any part of the globe. It can be used in an institute to create digital classrooms and connect teachers with students. It can also be used in any office or organization to train employees regarding skills, policies, and compliance issues. Currently, many organizations (government and non-government) are using or thinking to start using an LMS due to its numerous benefits. The global learning management system market has skyrocketed and is expected to reach about 17 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. Sounds impressive, right?

learning management market

How we work?

Features such as grading system, notifications alert, creating notes, and online libraries, creating and designing courses are some basic needs for any institute or an organization. Apart from these, custom features like live chat, announcement board, calendar for important events, tests and quizzes, file sharing, tracking the progress of the students are the main requirements from an LMS. If you are spending a good amount of money on building an LMS, you would want most of these features to be integrated into the LMS on the initial stage.

Course & Content Management

The main objective of an LMS is the teaching and training of the students and employees. This feature is a must-to-have in an LMS because it helps the teacher/trainer to design courses and create content for students/employees. May it be a course, quiz, assignment, or assessment test, you can create using this feature.

Skill Tracking

It is an essential feature for an LMS in any organization rather than in an institute. Accept it that training an employee is way harder than teaching a student in a class. You can not fix the hours or timing for lectures. This is why this feature helps the employee to learn at their own pace. They can collect all the material and complete the course at their own pace.

Analytics, Achievements, Statistics, Surveys

An LMS is a platform where students can get everything from one place, but so does the teacher. Having a feature that can provide detailed analytical reports regarding the progress of a student/employee, their achievements report, and overall statistics of the entire class or at an individual level. Teachers and students can also conduct a survey using this feature.

Social structure

Socializing between learners and teachers is very important. Having a community experience enhances the learning process. This feature helps students connect with teachers and other students.


When you are modernizing the teaching ways by using an LMS rather than having a traditional classroom, then why not change the teaching methodology. Learning for the sake of learning is excellent, but at times it gets very dull. This is why the modern technique of teaching includes gaming. Yes, an LMS should have a gamification feature. With gamification in long and dry subjects, you can get more engagement from the learner.

Mobile Learning

An LMS should have intuitive mobile-friendly apps for learners. Having a mobile learning facility starts with the designing phase. It should be included in the architecture of the LMS from the very beginning. This feature is helpful when someone decides to take a course on an off-day. Also, it is useful for distributed teams.

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